Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why i'm rooting for Elissa Slater to win #BB15

Amanda rubs perfume on her nether-region after telling McCrae she "smells" down there. To quote Gina Marie "I'm a classy broad" comes to mind here.

Let me start by saying that on a typical day in the Big Brother house, I'd be watching and putting together a blog of spoilers and stuff to post for you all to read. Unfortunately, nothing has really happened that is worth writing about. In a short recap of the week I will say that Helen and Elissa tried hard to get Helen to stay. Helen tugged on the heart strings of Aaryn and Andy who are ultimately controlled by Amanda. Everyone is literally scared to go against Amanda even though she has no ability to win a competition.

Yesterday a lot of feathers were ruffled when Elissa finally approached Aaryn in the HOH room and flat out told her that she was making the wrong game move and that playing Amanda's game for her will not get Aaryn to the end. Her delivery with this attempt to save Helen really backfired and everyone got mad at her, saying she was bullying Aaryn. Actually, Aaryn said it herself when she told Helen and Elissa what they wanted to hear then went downstairs to tell Gina Marie and Amanda (and everyone) that she was being attacked. Aaryn clearly feeds on attention and drama. She was never attacked in my opinion and it is obvious that she is content protecting Amanda's game pieces.

After all of the HOH drama the Elissa bashing started. Helen was even present for some of it and she sometimes takes place, other times she defends Elissa. Every person in the house at this present moment has bashed Elissa on different levels. I am a huge fan of pushing people's buttons in this game of Big Brother, I even like a little tea poured over someone's head every now and again...but I do not like houseguests to form a Mob mentality type bashing session on another houseguest that goes SO FAR as to threaten sexual assault or physical harm to them. I loved EvelDick. He was my favorite BB houseguest on season 8. I loved his antics and I never felt like he took anything too far. Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer, and rarely Andy have sat in the HOH room and literally thought up different scenarios that would get Elissa to DOR (DROP ON REQUEST) from the game. Meaning, do something to Elissa and get her to leave.

Some of these things include: drinking from Elissa's cup to try and spread cold sores, Spencer rubbing his penis on her, Spencer putting semen on her bed sheets, Spencer following her around threatening her with all of the above things, Amanda squeezing her vaginal discharge (from her yeast infection) in Elissa's eyeball, Spreading a lie that Elissa has genital herpes and making fun of her about it. Honestly, the list goes on. AND ON.

If those threats weren't enough, they incessantly bash her looks, her body type, her husband, and her children repeatedly. There have been hour long sessions where all these people talk about is mentally or physically harming Elissa. They have even wondered whether America will like them for hating Elissa, or visa versa. If I could speak to them now, i'd say Elissa has tons of fans. Those fans aren't "Brenchel Army" people, they are people who are sick and tired of her being threatened!

I'm one of those people. I refuse to be a fan of anyone but Elissa at this point in the game. While CBS did show some of the racism in the house this year, they have not showed enough of it. They haven't showed all the nasty, disgusting, and hateful things that Amanda, Spencer, or Gina Marie have said and I know that little to none of the bashing of Elissa will be shown on television. What a shame. Fans of the show can hate on me and say that I am not respecting game play but you're damn right i'm not. I won't. The only game play that has happened thus far is from production with their smoke and mirrors technique. Amanda has tried to win every competition she has played in but can't. She compares herself to Dr. Will Kirby and even Dan. She jokes and says that she is the daughter of Evel Dick Donato yet she has displayed none of his characteristics. Evel Dick didn't play a lazy game where he sat in the HOH room, threatening what he'd do to another houseguest--he actually got up and did it.

Sure you can call my decision to support Elissa a personal move, and it is. I'm not trying to impress anyone but supporting her but I do feel like she is the only REAL person in the house. The edit she receives on TV is in no way showing her in her true light. She hates the people in the house who were racist and hateful to her friends. She has no idea the things those people have said about it and since the show won't show them, neither do most people.

I'm also supporting Elissa for game reasons though and it isn't all personal. She has won 2 vetoes when she had to win them. She has made gave moves to the best of her ability given she has never been in a power position. When you aren't on the block and when you aren't HOH there is no reason to make yourself a target by making deals. There is a strategy in what she has done and it isn't a floater technique. While I disagree with her voting out her allies under Helen's regime, she had no choice if she wanted them to remain loyal to her. This game would have turned out much differently had Amanda been voted off early like everyone wanted but since she helped SAVE Elissa, that didn't happen.

Also, Elissa is awesome. :)

Those are my thoughts and reasons behind my support for Elissa.

Thanks for reading.